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The Jamberry nail experiment. Stripey fingers ahoy. Review and tutorial.


This post is not about Jam, or berries…or any pudding at all for that matter…

I would love to have good looking nails all the time, but I don’t, once in a blue moon I will paint my digits but one game of hot wheels later they are chipped. I have had Shellac at the salon before which I love whilst it’s on as my nails seem superman style indestructible…but each time after it is removed they do get really brittle and I vow never to do it again. The same as when I eat a whole Toblerone.



The lovely Ceri is an independent Jamberry consultant and sent me some fantastic nail wraps, thin vinyl sheets that are pressure and heat activated to adhere to your nail for a long lasting and beautiful look. They are non-toxic and require ZERO dry time…perfect for mum’s who need their hands 24/7.

There are over 300+ amazing styles…for a mani and pedi sheet the price for the style I chose is £15.00 which is much cheaper than having it done at the salon and I don’t have to leave home! They also do Junior Jamberry sheets so you could have a lovely mother and daughter evening…or on if any one else’s boys like to wear nail varnish like mine…a mother and son evening…

NEXT Spring outfit wish list. Mummy loves trousers.

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I am not always on-trend. Sometimes I am so off trend I am chic and sometimes I am trapped in 1999. Since gaining my ‘mummy’ title I have paid more attention to the brand of clothes I choose. Most of my money is spent on action figures so when I do splash out on something new for myself  I want clothes to survive constant pulling, tugging and climbing, I want them to be practical yet stylish, well made and well fitted.

I initially fell in love with NEXT for their GORGEOUS children’s wear and then because the sizes are generous so they are one of the only retailers that I can still get into an eight without passing out. Mummy win.

I am a laid back boho dresser, so enjoyed a wander through NEXT’s casual collection yesterday and stumbled upon some Trousers in the Masala collection that my legs instantly wanted to wear. (I told them we are paying for a fifth birthday party at present so they will have to wait.) I like buying clothes that I can imagine in a couple of outfits, gone are the rookie days of rush buying pink sequined dungarees and then realising I will never…ever…wear them.

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