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Adventuring on Haytor Devon. Hills, clouds and space #VisitDartmoor #SouthWest

Small image of two people's muddy walking boots in the foreground with the hills and sky behind on a sunny day.

Opening times: Its land…it doesn’t close. Winter may be muddy and windy. Pack a mac.

Age: For all those who enjoy and walk and a hill.

Location: A few miles from Bovey Tracey, Devon.


The bulk of my posts are centred around family days out in the South West, you will see little boy is absent from these pictures courtesy of a playdate yet I still think the moors are fantastic places to let littles run off steam, providing you don’t lose them of course…

I spent my childhood amongst hills and sheep in tiny villages sandwiched between the Powys and Herefordshire border; it is undeniably beautiful yet I have settled in the South West. The grey sea churned up by the winder winds drew me in though I do pine for the dips and swells of the land back home…Hence our adventures up to the eastern edge of Dartmoor.

Haytor is a popular landmark; take a flask and some sandwiches. Plonk your bottom down on the short, springy grass. It is easily accessible by road. Granted some are winding, diminutive roads. Expect satnav confusion. Bus tours are popular, we tend to go early or late in the day and off season. Locally Teignmouth, Bovey Tracey, Stover and Newton Abbot are all serviced by bus so frequent and regular services operate near to the route.


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Adventures in the Devon countryside.


A review of Devon’s Crealy family adventure park.


My giant monkey friend…

Opening times: Summer it is fully open 10.00am – 5.30pm, Winter 10.00am-5.00pm excl. water rides (they close over Christmas), and term time 10.00am-5.00pm check on the website what rides are open.

Age: Brave. Ideally I would say 1-12 and grandparents.

Location: Exeter, Devon.

‘Leo get up.’ No reaction. ‘Leo get up we are going to Crealy.’ The boy is dressed, breakfasted; he even brushes his teeth in the space of 3.5 minutes. Slight exaggeration but I do not have to drag him by the ankle out of bed as per normal. I do have to convince him we can’t take Ted as he is likely to lose him in the ball pit.

Five year old boys are 3 feet of overexcitement and superhero sound effects, best when outside and active. Crealy Adventure Park is a family attraction located just outside of Exeter. It has over 60 rides, indoor and outdoor activities and lots of animals to pet. I tried to steal one of their fluffy lop rabbits once. INEEDITINMYLIFE. The animals are clean and well cared for. Leo loves it. He would live there if he could, I get a migraine from getting vertigo on the rides after the 10th go, but they make good coffee so I can deal. I think with the type of rides the park caters best to the under 12s…and for parents reliving childhood.

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