“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” CS Lewis

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Leo and I welcome you and your little ones to Jungle Storytime, it is like a poor man’s bedtime hour on CBBC…and is more like ten minutes rather than an hour. Grab a snuggly blanket. The idea behind these videos is sparked by the adorable thoughtfulness of a 4 year old heart. Reading is important, for children’s development, vocabulary, understanding, imagination and to give them a glimmer of magic and adventure. I am still convinced I am a member of the Famous five…

I have a mummy friend that due to a brain operation, can’t read, which upset Leo as he worried that her daughter would never hear stories at home.  So we decided to create the Jungle Book section, where are our favourite books are read aloud, questions are asked and silly voices are attempted. I will never make a successful vlogger, I dribble too much when I talk, but these are made out of love. They are unscripted and will probably begin very clumsily…

We would really like it if people would like to guest vlog their bedtime stories with or without little ones, discuss their favourite books, we are happy to post reviews etc. We want to share our love of reading! Each book I Leo and I read I will offer an honest review and offer tips to parents on how to develop their little one’s own reading skills.

Our fellow blogging buddies also have some fab book related posts Catie at Diary of an Imperfect Mum‘s Book Corner for older children and for babies, Karen at Two Tiny Hands with the Robot’s Reading Round Up and Ellen at Babies, biscuits and booze with Babies, biscuits and books.

Ps I will be making these videos after long days at school/work…we will not be snappily dressed, hair will not be brushed and Leo will likely be wearing his apologies.

…That is an ill timed thumbnail…

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