Mummy’s have style!


This page is like a messy handbag; an assortment of pictures and comments for my love of finding old, musty smelling furniture that has been cast out, restoring it then squeezing it in my rather small house! Saturday morning rummaging in charity and vintage shops is on my top five favourite things to do list. Eating is number one. Leo enjoys making a mess with a paintbrush so he is chief decorator. I also post about fashion for mums and their little ones, well my dubious grasp of it, on my home page.

Driven in part by my thrifty genes and my love of older furniture styles I enjoy a bit of DIY. My projects are pretty low key and I don’t proclaim to be an uber restorer. I am picking up tips as I go. Many things can go wrong. Splinters occur. Without forking out lots of money upcycling gives a bit of character to a home. I love crisp clear Ikea homes but never seem to be able to pull it off. So I go for shabby chic..sometimes without the chic.


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