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Finding your blog niche…or like me…not.

Apparently, to be a successful parent blogger you need a niche. ‘Need’ like my son needs a ham sandwich at 2am. Examples of niches being; delia’esk cooking, sofa’s…..I mean home-style, looking genuinely awesome all the time with outfits that I would love to pull off and blogs that focus solely on discussing the different faces of Ryan Gosling…I hope that site exists. Everyone has things that they love, or areas of expertise. Even if it is simply being able to make your tongue touch your nose.

Niche ‘a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service’, from the Old English word for, ‘I do not have one’.

My bottoms large enough, if I could find my niche I could, I think, fill it…

This blog is a haphazard mix of things I need, like a mother’s handbag. It is for tips and for tales, for when I want to greedily unleash onto a page all of my feelings; it is my deep breath, it’s where I want to share my happy moments. Sometimes it’s for crap with glaring grammatical errors.

It is imperfect but it is mine. It is clumsy and kind and a little scruffy, just like its creator. She is a trier.

Five places a Mummy blogs. My best ‘blog spots’ (That is not an innuendo).

Welcome to my blogging life, it may need some refinement. .


Yes I doodled a badly proportioned me sitting on the toilet Tweeting. Classy. 

1)The bathroom oddly enough is my social media headquarters. Though I don’t have a fluffy white cat to stroke. Good thing for the cat. I sit in that tiled room of blissful silence, perched on the loo (seat down) and have a quick scroll through Twitter. I retweet at speed. I get about four minutes before little hands tap on the door, ‘MUUUUMY are you pooing again?’ I think he believes I have bowel problems. Nope I just have no peace and quiet problems…Harassment problems…Five year old problems. The bath is a good place for reading, though the opportunity is a rare thing. It is risky practice, no one wants a submerged I Phone. I have to wait till Leo is doing his little snuffle-snore or he will wake up and try and climb in in his Spiderman onesie. Note: You have to put a towel by the bath as every half hour your screen gets too steamy to focus and you may end up Tweeting #hgfgsgjsfh.

Belonging to a Social Media tribe. Digital friendships. Emotional lifesavers.

Online networking sites have changed the landscape of friendship. I belong to a tribe, no mother I have not moved to Africa and not informed you. By some stroke of luck in my first few befuddled Twitter days I was enticed onto the lovely Katie’s @Tutumummy website by one of her numerous scrumptious recipes…because I love the cake. There I saw her add for a tribal support network…I automatically thought, cool do we get spears!?

MummyinaTutu #Tribal chat


That was just over 3 weeks ago.

I have never met these women (or potentially very empathetic 40 year old men living in their mum’s basements) but regularly I share with them my innermost feelings, struggles, successes and take joy in theirs. Their compassionate responses and support are unforced, without motive and given with no promise of reward. When children are sick at 2 am and you feel like you are the only one awake in the world, suddenly, you are not. You can see your own hardships reflected in your tribesters and only want to offer comfort and words of reassurance. There is a regular abundance of witticisms about wine and cake. They are just like me; parents who are battling through the parenting jungle that are exhausted, with keen humours and are knee deep in poo and nursery rhymes.

Liebster award…with a twist. Also is that German??

I have been nominated for this awesome blogger to blogger award twice previously by the liebster-award-large-300x269lovely Colley wobbles and Loz and the sprog but in my newbie gormless way got very flattered, then very confused, then put it on my ‘to do’ list until I had a) made a blog b) figured out what the flip flop I am doing. So I have gone Liebster mad and answered the 30 questions in total given to me by the lovely ladies…You probably don’t even want to know quite that much about me! The fantastic Northern mam most recently nominated me who I give a big digital hug to Everyone’s rules are a little different but you get the idea. I found that a Liebster goes hand in hand with a nice glass of red…it can be Ribena or wine whatever takes your fancy.

Why blogging makes me feel bad. Blog guilt.

The internet is a wonderful and zany place. I started blogging for myself, for enjoyment, it is therapeutic and I get to indulge my long slumbering creative side. I have also found it touches my heart that people give a crap, that they like what I say and the clumsy, attemptingly witty way in which I say it.

I have also found blogging is like parenting in the way it can give you conflicting feelings.
Being a mum to me is like sunshine, warm and all consuming. I love being a parent and yet the experience is coloured with feelings of being not good enou gh, like I am trekking Everest without a Sherpa or shoes.

Similarly, this week I have had my first taste of blogger guilt…sometimes these thoughts just creep up on us. I want to be more social, to read more blogs, comment more, join more linky’s and get my Twitter on. I was so luckily to stumble into a tribe of women who are so generous with their time, advice and kindness; the ideals and passion in the group are amazing, and m otivating. I want to support them and give as much back as they give me…but I work and have a four year old which does rather upset my relationship with WordPress. I also have a partner that doesn’t always appreciate me tap tapping awa y on my laptop in the maybe 18 minutes each day we have together. Like many parents I juggle a lot of balls.


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