Looking after mum, before the baby comes. ‘The Whole 9 Months’ gift box review @whole9months

Motherhood is a demanding, rewarding, rollercoaster ride. As soon as we see those striped lines or little blue smiley faces we start planning for what it will be like when our baby is born; people ask you about names and due dates, comment about how much weight you are putting on and what type of Moses basket you should buy. You are encouraged to eat well, exercise and attend sessions where you handle knitted bosoms…


I think looking after your emotional health as an expectant mum is so important and sometimes gets lost in the expectation of ‘the baby’. Pregnancy is natural and can be ‘run through a field of wildflowers’ beautiful. Mothers may be overjoyed, terrified, lonely, sad…or a complex combination of too many emotions to list; stirred up with a bucket full of hormones and cravings for pasties. They will be TIRED, HOT and HUNGRY. With so much going on sometimes you can forget that it is just as important to look after mum as it is the tiny human they are growing. Treat yourself in any way you can, a bath, a massage, binge watching game of thrones on Netflix. ‘You time’ and appreciating the quiet is so important in pregnancy. Let’s face it it’s going to be a hectic next 18 years…

I previously discussed how vulnerable and anxious I felt when carrying my son, yet hid it with the cover of a cheery smile (See ‘Planning, or not, for a child. The emotional onslaught of pregnancy’). Family and friends can offer a great deal of help in all sorts of ways without smothering and overwhelming the expectant mother. I can imagine it is hard to be on the sidelines but support, reassurance and sometimes just to be asked what you need can feel like winning the lottery.

The lovely Lauren from ‘The Whole 9 Months’ creates absolutely amazing gift boxes for mums and siblings to be, carefully selected items that’ll make you feel considered and loved. There are no nappy cakes or muslin squares to be seen, it’s all about celebrating mum! An experienced doula Lauren has worked with pregnant women for many years, seeing how even they become so focused on the baby they forget about themselves and all the work that their bodies are silently carrying out.

I will readily admit I worked probably too hard through my pregnancy and didn’t really give myself any TLC and think that is in part what led to struggling with depression after my son was born. When I received my ‘9 Months’ box it was beautifully wrapped and on top there was a little note saying, ‘you have got this.’ Such simple heartfelt words made me cry with the memory of all the forgotten feelings I had at that time (and I don’t even have hormones to blame it on). It is like getting a cuddle from a box.


There are lovingly considered bespoke boxes for each stage of pregnancy, I picked the 6-9 box which contains Gurgle magazine, the calm birth school book perfect for preparing for a positive birth, pregnancy colouring in book (my son wanted to keep this), Whittard dreamtime tea (caffeine free obviously and a beautiful silver plated Mexican Bola necklace keepsake. They are such lovely luxury gifts I was really impressed and am so excited to pass this on to one of my pregnant friend…my other half did not take well to the suggestion that we have another child because I wanted the other boxes (funny that).
You could treat yourself or if you have a friend, work college family member that is expecting we would totally recommend this as a gift.


We also look forward to some expectant dad boxes being made! My partner suggests mini whiskey bottles…



Disclaimer: We were very generously given this gift box to review by The Whole 9 Months and are always grateful to receive such lovely products.

  2 comments for “Looking after mum, before the baby comes. ‘The Whole 9 Months’ gift box review @whole9months

  1. July 2, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    What a wonderful idea for a gift for a pregnant friend/relative or yourself. I think my 7 month pregnant sister needs one of these, she’s working far too hard at work and renovating a house and definitely needs a little bit of something for her before squidge arrives.

    Liked by 1 person

    • July 4, 2016 at 12:21 pm

      I really love the idea and never know what quite to buy so this is perfect and really lovely items xx


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