Healthy Mummy, Happy Baby. 5 Tips to improve wellbeing. Learning to be kind to yourself.

Forget having it all, mothers these days are doing it all, raising children, running households, having successful careers; juggling so many brightly coloured balls. Life is busy. Within my juggling everyone else comes first; my son, my partner and then me. I made this order of things… I have made myself a 50’s housewife (without the fabulous hair). We do it all, we take care of everyone but sometimes I think we forget ourselves and then feel so much guilt that we do not measure up to the expectations we have for ourselves.

Welcome to Catch 22.

We may be superwomen with far reaching responsibilities but we are not invincible and need to acknowledge that we need time for ourselves: our whole selves, to regroup and recuperate our exhausted bodies and minds. Motherhood does not have to partner self-sacrifice.

Keeping this in mind I was approached by Hellenia who have started “F.L.Y. First Love yourself”. Through this campaign they want to highlight the importance of treating yourself with extra care because we come first. Without being proud or egotistical, if we are not healthy and happy then how can those we love and care for be?

So I sat down with my laptop, put on my fluffy feel good socks and thought of 5 things that I could do to improve my health and wellbeing as a mummy. There translatable to daddies and non-parents alike! Pretty much for everyone with a pulse.

Be kind to yourself. Simple words difficult action, recognise at least one thing a day you are proud of or have achieved…Even if it is just that you put your knickers on the right way round.


Have ten minutes quiet time, a cup of tea slotted in in-between the ironing and school pick up. In non-parent world they encourage you to meditate…That’s almost impossible in my house where I try and get my zen on then two minutes later its ‘MUMMMEEE’ screamed at a deafening pitch. Sit in the garden…sneak in some Netflix, and make a slither of time that is just for you, if you can throw all of the toys out of the tub and have a lavender filled bubble bath. Lock the door.

Eat healthily. I am a good example of the opposite of this, if I eat breakfast it is leftover toast crusts, I can’t have caffeine so I make up for this by putting mountains of sugar in my tea. I am a serial grazer and munch constantly at work…at my desk without taking the time for lunch. I should take out shares in Rennie. Everything my son likes is beige…so I carbohydrate overload. It’s hard to change a lifestyle so I am simply starting by making smoothies in the morning, drinking water instead of tea and am force feeding my whole family broccoli.


Go for a stroll, stick the baby in the carrier, put the toddler on a lead and bribe your tweens with screen time and cake if they leave their rooms. Exercise is important but if you like me have no time for the gym then do free and easy activities. Also…Stretch, carrying little ones ruins your back.

I was going to put sleep as a tip then I laughed at myself…these are meant to be realistic achievable tips…

Supplements; these are a new revelation for me, I swear by taking iron and evening primrose oil. Also Hellenia have a new range of collagen powders have been formulated to take care for your skin and joints for all age groups. My face is starting to look like a Shar Pei so their new Naticol® ProDerma Hydrolised Marine Collagen powder (which I can easily add to my smoothies) is perfect as well as having the added benefit of Vitamin C.

These are my small steps towards making a space for myself on the list. Mummy is important.

Love yourself.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.



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